Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation as a cause of action and discretionary mediation services are also carried out through our lawyers whom are registered in the mediators’ registry.

Mediation is much less costly and short-term than going to court. Confidentiality and volunteering are essential for this solution, in which the decisions of the parties will be effective.

At our law firm, we aim to solve the problems of parties in an amicable way, by presenting effective solution methods by applying systematic techniques with our expert mediators.

*Attorney at Law 35/A Reconciliation*

 The Law of Attorney 35/A is the settlement of the dispute between the parties accompanied by the lawyers of the parties.

It is the fastest method of the solution with a minimum cost.

Since the minutes of conciliation signed by the lawyers have the quality of enforced execution under the Bankruptcy Law, the execution of the agreement is easy and secure.


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