Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Atalan Law Office has developed substantial expertise in the area of İnsolvency and Execution Law. Atalan Law Office has booked a lot of succes in executing Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law. Execution proceedings required by our creditor clients are undertaken by our execution department lawyers, who examine the related documentation, information and the court decrees carefully before beginning the any proceedings.

After the start of the process, we conduct due diligence of the debtor or and all of their related assets, debts, and any other legal rights and obligations. İf necessary we would then begin the process leading to bankruptcy, or alternatively to confiscation. Depending on the interests of the client, we may waive the execution proceeding, or terminate it by settlement agreement, or simply accept the execution.


Dolandırıcılar tarafından Atalan Hukuk Bürosu adıyla, aranarak para tahsilatı yapılmak istendiği öğrenilmiştir. Büromuz tarafından aranılarak para tahsilatı işlemi yapılmadığını ve arayan bu şahıslara itibar edilmemesi gerektiğini bilgisini kamuoyunun dikkatlerine önemle sunarız.

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