Intellectual Property Law

In accordance with developing international trade by the way of Globalization, effective and active defense of İntellectual Property (IP) rights has become critical for our clients’ success. This area of law has recently developed rapidly, both in Turkey and abroad, as a result of many new or evoling conventions and regulations. Our attorneys have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about Intelectual Property law (IP Law), and guide our clients through all the steps required to obtain, defend and enforce Turkish trademarks, patents, copyright and industrial designs.

Some of the services we provide in this field are as next:

• Licence proceedings

• Consulting on intellectual property rights during mergers and acquisitions of the companies.

• Consulting on international trademark, patent and industrial design

• Executing registration, protection, transfer procedures of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models as well as conducting local and international research on them.

• Copyrights

• Prevention of abuse of trade secrets

• Preliminary investigation on trademark, patent and industrial design.

• Executing all procedures (application, registraion etc.) with regards to obtaining trademarks, patents and industrial designs, as well as ensuring the protection of any related rights.


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