Labour and Social Security Law

Atalan Law Office offers comprehensive services designed to help the client navigate the challenges of the modern workplace. As Atalan Law Office we have labor and companies as clients in Labour and Social Security Law. We advise and represent companies seeking to resolve labor law issues on an individual and collective basis. We assist our clients in structuring all necessary legal procedures for the entire term of employment in question. We keep in constant contact with public authorities such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Social Security Institution and the Turkish Employment Institution, notifying our clients about any changes occurring in the relevant laws and regulations, as well as any other relevant legal developments.

Some of the services provided by Atalan Law Office with regard labor and Social Security Law areas next:

• Preparing drafts of collective labor agreements and managing negotiations

• Resolving the termination of contracts and severance issues through litigation or settlement

• Rendering consultancy on liabilities with regard to occupational accidents and industrial diseases and conducting required works for fulfilling the obligations

• Ensuring conformity of working environment with legislation in force especially with regard to health and safety

• Updating and/or re-drafting employment contracts and related procedures under implementations of Yargıtay (Supreme Court)

• Drafting reports, defense request letters, notices and notifications of termination for each occasion

• Rendering training services with regard to liabilities arising from Labour Law, Social Security Law, Unemployment and Insurance Law

• Resolving disputes with regard to trade union activities


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