Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Atalan Law Office handles a wide range of litigation and arbitration cases with a large group of experienced lawyers. We are highly experienced in litigation involving commercial disputes. With our broad client base, which includes national and international clientele.

We always try to offer effective solutions to our clients before we file a suit for our clients’ if there is any possibility of solving the dispute through alternative dispute resolution. We know that our clients prefer this way instead of a court solution. Over the last decade, arbitration has become the primary form of dispute resolution on which we concentrate. Atalan Law Office has significant experience in this regard, particularly concerning the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Turkey and in international cases.

But Atalan Law Office also represents clients in a broad range of other domestic and international commercial litigation, including litigation arising from construction projects, all types of contract- based disputes, the insolvency of a party and even libel.


Dolandırıcılar tarafından Atalan Hukuk Bürosu adıyla, aranarak para tahsilatı yapılmak istendiği öğrenilmiştir. Büromuz tarafından aranılarak para tahsilatı işlemi yapılmadığını ve arayan bu şahıslara itibar edilmemesi gerektiğini bilgisini kamuoyunun dikkatlerine önemle sunarız.

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